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The Universal Festival Calendar first appeared in July, 1998 as an e-mail newsletter, and has also been published online since May, 2000. It incorporates data from astronomy and astrology, Moon cycles and the sacred days and festivals of many spiritual traditions, in order to identify monthly and annual power points, when human ascension efforts are well aligned with the celestial dynamics of our galactic stagemachinery, and the life cycles of Mother Earth. The UFC aims to assist the spiritual evolution of Earth and her people by providing information useful for planning global meditations, ceremonies and gatherings that support the aim of awakening enough human beings to bring about the lifting of human consciousness into higher frequencies of mercy, compassion, wisdom and love.


We welcome and are grateful for suggestions by readers whose ideas have improved the Calendar, and made it more accurate and comprehensive.




May 2016


Paying the Duck


The Brazilians have an expression for what Americans mean by being left "holding the bag" -- that is, having to take the fall for what someone else has done. In Brazil, Paying the Duck means having to pay for somebody else's mistake, or outright crooked behavior. Will a lot of people be paying the duck this month and in June? No doubt, but then many of us are helplessly used to it, having paid the duck a ton in the bank bailout scam of 2008. The payment will be heavier this time, and more broadly spread, and will even affect the corporatist criminals who recently threw their fellow felons under the bus in the Panama Papers scam, an attempted trick so brazen that it's almost thrilling, as Lenny Bruce used to say about corruption in Chicago.


What happened with the Panama Papers? A non-existent whistle blower named "John Doe" (sound effects: laughter, whistles, bozo horns) offered to leak to the Süddeutsche Zeitung a huge trove of secret documents from the Panamanian law firm of Mossack Fonseca. The German paper called for help and corroboration from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), a front for the CIA and reptilian financial gnome George Soros, who proceeded to dump the dirt on thousands of people, including every associate of Vladimir Putin from this life and even others, when he was Ivan the Great's spymaster, a circus strongman in Romania and the hunkiest lover of Catherine the Great. The Panama Papers presented no evidence of wrongdoing by Putin himself, but was clearly an effort to smear him with indirect dirt from every possible criminal he's ever met.


Except the top criminals from the 1% of the 1% of the 1%. While the Panama Papers did include some famous American names, such as Hollywood mogul David Geffen -- who used Mossack Fonseca for the perfectly legal purchase of a luxury boat -- they kept the biggest, baddest players behind the screen. They revealed nothing about anyone from the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, or the Bohemian Grove. No Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, Morgans, Medici or Mountbattens. The perpetrators of this transparent trick, which would be laughable if the insult to everyone else were not so brazen, intend that unlike others whose crimes now come to light -- the meaning of the Judgment card shown here, from the Rider Waite Tarot -- they will keep their own sins hidden by ratting on everyone who they think will not be able to turn and bite them in the ass.


What to infer from the Panama Papers? That the archons are in panic. They know their house of cards is about to come down, and this is why they've tried to buy themselves a little more time by dropping the dirt on kings and princes, prime ministers and other high officials, industrialists and financiers, none of whom is likely to take this affront graciously. Thus the Reptile Ranch has just created overnight thousands of powerful enemies who can be expected to find their ways to return the favor. The most carefully-watched will be Putin, who no doubt controls a whole cistern of grime about the people who've just smeared him. Either he will strike back, and devastatingly so, or if he does not, then we'll know that the whole Great Game is even more cynically rigged than we'd thought.


Another important player we can expect to hear from is the King of Saudi Arabia, named along with his Chinese allies in the Panama Papers. They will now bring about the end of the petrodollar even more quickly and surely than we'd imagined, in two phases, one in June and the other, cumulatively and crushingly, in October. Think of it this way. When Richard Nixon felt the breath and the sweat of the wolves who were converging on him, he sacrificed his vice president, the bloviating crook Spiro Agnew, declining to intervene in any way and protect him against an investigation into tax fraud, so that Agnew's disgrace and resignation took the heat off Nixon for a few weeks. The same thing is going on here. How does it play this month and next?


The Beltaine Quarter of 2016 - 2017


The most useful way to time the events of this year is not through the conventional Gregorian calendar of Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, or the solar cycle of the solstices and equinoxes, or even a lunar calendar, but with the cross-quarter days of Feb. 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1, all of which mark major seasonal events in the sacred Earth year of the ancient Celtic and Britannic peoples. The dates also align with important points in this year's political, economic and mythical cycles, culminating in the US presidential election in early November. Thus we have just come through the mid-winter Imbolc quarter of quickening from Feb. 1 to May 1, and are now in the mid-spring Beltaine quarter of desire from now through July.


Beltaine literally means "Baal's Fire," so it is no wonder that opinion bubbles in the the phobosphere of fear have been filled with accusations of Satan worship and Illuminati blood sacrifices. Not that the reptilian archons don't do these things. They certainly do, and this is why Stanley Kubrick and others who knew too much about them were murdered. But this is not the main topic for now. We want to know: How do the events of this time affect me? More on this in a moment.


The Beltaine Quarter from now through July 31 will encompass the last of the primary elections and the nominating conventions of the two major US political parties who now find it increasingly difficult to maintain the fiction that they are really, with the notable exceptions of Bernie Sanders and a few others, all actors engaged in a predatory capitalist circle jerk of enriching one another, and robbing everyone else of their money, their health, their joy and their very will to live, so that all the people have left is their fear. The archons and their media stoke shame and dread and all the other lower emotions constantly because these psychopathic reptilian parasites feed on fear, and the more of it they stimulate, the better they eat. They are working on this big time now, stoking fear of economic collapse from May 27 through early June 5.


The Bank, the Church and the Media Fight Over the Lifeboat


To look at how the planet conditions of this time directly affect you, it's best to look at my Living by The Moon posts on my Aquarian Airlines blog, including the May 12 post, Turbulent Planets in May and June 2016. It includes a Full Moon chart for May 22 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, because of this country's pivotal position in the events that are about to arrive.


The terrific planetary engine that drives this moment is a showdown among three planets who are all at their worst now, because they are in an afflictive fight in which each one is pitted against two others. Imagine the three-way shootout at the end of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, except that this time Tuco's gun is loaded too, and the Lee Van Cleef character of Angel Eyes is female and blond.


To chart the terrain: Jupiter in Virgo is opposite to Neptune in Pisces, and both are in a 90° "square" to Saturn in Sagittarius. Thus they form a T-Cross, all related at the 180° and 90° angles that are traditionally considered "stressful" or "difficult," but are really angles of leverage that offer us the means to move a heavy weight of habit or belief -- if, that is, the willingness to change is there. But it is not, except in the most youthful, progressive sectors of our societies. The three powerful planets are arranged against each other, in postures of contentiousness and stuckness that help them believe that there is something to be gained from endless fighting and faking. What do these planets mean?


Jupiter is the expansive, joyous king, the money and the power, the established order of the government, the bank and the church, and the "higher communications" of religion, philosophy and law. When at his best, he conceives high, ambitious plans, and carries them out magnanimously for the good of all. When he's afflicted, he is extravagant and given to excess, undisciplined and self-indulgent, prone to the offering and taking of bribes, to corrupting and being corrupted. He is habitually over the top and shoots from the hip before he sees his target clearly, and the consequences of hitting it. He is, in short, with all humble apologies to you,Lord Zeus: Donald Trump, except that he does not want to be seen with "a beautiful piece of ass," but keeps his many infidelities as well-hidden as he can from his long suffering mate, Hera/Juno.


Neptune is spirituality, mystical consciousness, intuition, dreams, imagination and all faculties of perception beyond the limits of the intellectual mind. He is also empathy, compassion and the beauty of fantasy-driven arts, especially dance (because Neptune rules the feet), music and theatre. He is the dissolving of all boundaries in the universal heart of forgiveness. But when afflicted, as he is now, Neptune gets tricky and evasive. He can turn to fraud, self-deception and deception by others, victimhood, emotional vampirism and all addictions, to beliefs and illusions as well as to substances. He lies about everything and expects to keep getting away with it. He is, in short, and apologies to you too, Lord Poseidon: Hillary Clinton, so terrified that her crimes will become known that at times she appears about to implode from the strain of holding everything in, and letting nothing out. No matter what you or I may be enduring now, at least we don't need to worry  about whether some hacker is going to find and publish our Goldman Sachs speeches.


Saturn is the severe spiritual teacher and taskmaster who limits our dreams and expansions by bringing us back, again and again, to the solid weight of practical "reality," whatever that means now, on the Earth plane. The Greeks called him Kronos because he is the weight and restriction of time itself. He is also the enforcer of the non-performance clause in our sacred contracts, applying pressure and tightening the screws when we are not doing what we agreed to be doing before we got here. It can get so tense that even veteran astrologers may say, "Saturn is kicking my ass," when of course he does no such thing. It would be beneath his dignity. What Saturn does do is pull our leg backward with enough force that when he releases it, we kick ourselves in ways that can be impactful and instructive. When he is afflicted, Saturn becomes a hectoring old man who harps endlessly on what everybody else is doing wrong. So he is, and no apologies on this one, Bernie Sanders.


If we understand the negative qualities of these planets as we've just explored them, then we see much of what is unfolding in this quarter, from now through June. All these stresses will intensify in the month and more ahead, as the T-Cross we've already noted expands into two full four-armed Grand Crosses of cataclysmic power at the Black Moon of June 4 -5, and the Full Moon of June 20. The more powerful by far will be the first one, with a total of six planets and both Moon's Nodes. There will be more about this in the June UFC and Aquarian Airlines. For now, it's best to be aware that events of cosmic import are coming in early June, and perhaps earlier, at the end of this month.


What's the Story with May 28?


If you watch YouTube videos while you're on the road, as I do, you may have noticed something very curious about videos that are getting posted now about predictions of economic trouble. There is a growing number of videos entitled Economic or Dollar Collapse on May 28, 2016, by an impressive cast of characters: Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Anonymous in his Guy Fawkes mask, Sheikh Imran Hossein, the Vatican, Valdimir Putin and a Russian general (in separate videos), Money News, the notorious CIA disinformation agent Alex Jones, and many others. Yet the curious thing is, that while all these videos do talk about economic upheaval coming soon, not one of them mentions May 28. So what's going on?


Since the people who made and posted these videos presumably did not  put May 28 in their titles because the videos themselves don't mention it . . . then who did? Is there a plan afoot to scare the most scarable with a false flag attack, a Blue Beam display or other Fear Scam connected with May 28? If you find anything, please let me know. If I find anything, I'll pass it along soon in a blog post or video.


How does it all affect you? It's advisable to get out your birth chart, and see what planets you have in the band of 9° to 15° in the Mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. If you have one or more planets or other major chart points, i.e., Moon's Nodes and Angles, in these areas, then the T-Cross  and Grand Crosses of May and June will affect you. I have three natal planets, Ascendant and Descendant in the middle of Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, so this is one of the roughest periods of my life. No complaining. I wrote the script before I got here. I just wish my Neptune-ruled feet weren't inflamed, so I could get through it faster and brighter, at the tempo of comedy.


How to play it? You already know, even if you may not be ready to accept it. There is no point in asking when it's going to get better. This question is unworthy of us now, when the better question is: What am I going to do to help co-create a better outcome? How am I going to attract others to it, and engage their creativity as well? How are we going to speak it, and sing it? Good luck with the music. And a one, and a two . . . Keep Holding That Frequency.



May 2016


April 30 - May 2, (three days):

In the Orthodox Christian calendar, these days are the climax of Holy Week, from Good Friday on April 30 to Easter on May 2


April 30 - May 6, (one week):

Among South Korean Buddhists, this day begins their most important annual festival of Seokga Tansinil, commemorating the Buddha’s birthday, and culminating a week later at the May 6 Full Moon.


May 1 - 3, Sunday - Tuesday

Beltaine, the great Mid-Spring Festival. It comes midway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, and is therefore observed throughout the northern hemisphere as one of the eight great festivals of the year. The word "Beltaine" itself consists of the name of the god known as Bel (Mesopotamian), Baldur (Norse) and other cognate names. The phallic implications of the maypole surmounted with streamers (see next) are obvious in this month that celebrates the burgeoning of fresh green leaves. At this time plants reach maximum growth; thus the end of April to the top of May on the year wheel is directly opposite the festivals of the dead on Hallowe'en and November 1. In Sweden this festival is celebrated as the annual victory of summer over winter.


In the southern hemisphere, the great Autumn Festival of Samhain is celebrated now. See last November’s UFC.


May 1 (Sunday)

Happy May Day. This may be the year's best example of a joyous and extremely sexy holiday that has been watered down over the centuries by religion, commerce, ideology and other flavor killers into a wraith of what it used to be. In Egypt, it's Neighbors' Day, though no one seems to know why. Ask Americans and West Europeans what May Day is, and they usually associate it with Stalin and other Russians in bad hats watching the Red Army parade through Red Square. The Soviets co-opted -- many people came to believe they'd even created -- what had started millennia ago as a very sensual rite of spring, but in Europe shrank by the 19th century into an annual secular holiday honoring the hard work and dignity of farm and industrial workers.


The powers that be in the United States would have nothing to do with a labor holiday at which people waved red flags, sang the Internationale and compared Morgan, Rockefeller and the rest of the robber barons to wolves and other fanged beings. That's why the US government placed Labor Day on the first Monday in September, where it has no mythic charge at all, but it does obediently lead off the back-to-work, back-to-school week that follows the end of summer. What to do with May 1 in America? Dwight D. Eisenhower declared it Law Day in 1955. But law, as Mae West might have laughed from the bottom of her very deep throat, once had nothing to do with it.


For people all over the northern hemisphere, especially in Europe, the original May Day was the year's most thrilling festival. On this day, people would go into the meadows and forests and make love in the wild thyme and red clover. It was understood that unless you were hand-in-hand with your beloved, or otherwise clearly taken for the night, you had to say yes to anyone who asked you. This is why so many little Aquarii were born on and around the following Feb. 1. Some of the mid-winter mothers who bore these children had been so caught up in the joys of May Night that they had no idea who the fathers of their babies were, so the little ones were said to be the children of the fun-loving wood sprite Robin Goodfellow, better known to us as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Robin was always happily busy on May Night, and that is why we still have today so many people named Robinson.


In Hawaii, May 1 is Lei Day -- as though every day in the islands were not already a festival of flowers.


In the annual Roman Catholic calendar of saints' days, May 1 is the feast of Sts. Philip and James "the Less," Apostles. One index of the immense importance that the peoples of the Northern hemisphere have always assigned to May Day is the decision by the Roman Catholic Church to change the traditional meaning of the day by designating it as the feast day of not one, but two of the 12 disciples chosen by Jesus himself. While Philip was noted for his faith and his ability to stir the faith of others, the choice of St. James is especially intriguing because the purity of this lifelong virgin, who prized chastity above all other virtues, is directly opposite to the ancient meaning of this day in celebrating the sexual vitality of nature. James, also called James the Just, was the first Christian bishop of Jerusalem, so treasured for his sanctity that the devout would stop to touch the hem of his robe, and show other signs of reverence that were rarely, if ever, accorded to other apostles.


May 1 is the birthday of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881), author of The Phenomenon of Man, whose seminal ideas on the unity of natural and human consciousness have influenced nearly every Gaian and holographic thinker of the last half-century. Teilhard said, "Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of divinity."


May 2, Monday:

On tis day Egyptians of all faiths celebrate Sham el-Nessim, literally "smelling the wind," which falls each year on the Monday after the Orthodox feast of Easter. Egyptians  celebrate this day by going out onto the river on boats, or at least going out of the city and into the country, and do a ritual of cutting an onion and smelling it, and eating it in a meal that also includes brightly decorated eggs, as on Easter, and a spectacularly foul-smelling fish called fiseek. The main idea is to shock the nose and jolt its owner into more alert consciousness, in the same way we use smelling salts, thereby commemorating the  event  from millennia ago that started Shem el-Nessim and caused the ancient Egyptians to designate it as the first day of spring. One story says that the pharaoh's beloved only son, the crown prince, was so ill that he was bedridden for years, so that all festivals were suspended out of respect for the king and his family, until the High Priest of Oun Temple revived the boy by waving a freshly-cut onion under his nose.


May  2- 3, Monday  - Tuesday

The ancient Roman festival of Floralia, celebrated in ancient times and still observed in Europe with displays of flowers.


May 3, Tuesday

In Japan, May 3 is the day of Ta Ue, the Shinto rice-planting festival, marking the resurgent vitality of nature and the beginning of the "Month of Fresh Green Leaves."


May 3 - 4, Tuesday - Wednesday

In the Roman tradition, the festival of the Good Goddess, Bona Dea, begins on the evening of May 3 and is celebrated through the next day. It was customary -- still is in places where women's mysteries are practiced -- to decorate hawthorn trees, which flower at this time, particularly those located at sacred places. The timing of this Roman festival is closely related to the sacred calendar of Rome's ancient Celtic rivals. In the Celtic tree calendar, Hawthorn Month begins now. This month is especially favorable for contract with fairies and other nature spirits.


May 3, Tuesday  - 5 Thursday: 3 days

In the Roman Catholic calendar, the Rogation ("Petition") Days fall on the three days culminating on the feast of the Ascension. Prayers are offered for bountiful crops and the health and peace of the natural world. Like the Ambarvalia, the ancient Roman feast it supplanted (see May 24), this purification rite is based on the premise that love, atonement and forgiveness among human beings will be reflected in the abundance and quality of the harvest.


May 3 - 6, Tuesday - Friday

The annual Dolphin Convocation in Indonesia. Every year on these days, huge numbers of dolphins, totaling perhaps in the millions, are said to gather in the treacherous, eddying waters between Bali and Lombok islands, and to swim for a few days in a gigantic wheel or spiral pattern. The reason for this gathering, and its timing, remain a matter of speculation. As yet there have been no human diplomatic expeditions to the area between Bali and Lombok at Dolphin Convocation time. It is only a matter of time before one or more boats of humans and other animals sail to the periphery of the conference and ask the dolphins' permission to participate as observers. This convocation is especially auspicious, coming as it does at the Full Moon.


May 4, Wednesday

Among adherents of the Sufi tradition, this day is sacred to the memory of Rabi'a al-'Adawiya (d. 801), one of the earliest of the great Sufi mystics, who preached realization through the triple path of love, wisdom and action.


In the Islamic calendar, this day will probably be the 27th of the lunar month of Rajab. It's the holy day of Miraj Kandili, or Laylat al-Mi'raj, commemorating the prophet Muhammad's miraculous night journey to heaven on the winged horse Buraq. The actual date of this feast, like that of all Muslim holy days, is determined by the confirmed sighting of the New Moon that begins the month.


May 4 - 5, Monday  - Tuesday

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower peaks on the night of May 4 and morning of the following day. This meteor storm, with a faint average magnitude of 2.9 and a frequency of only some 20 per hour, is best observed in the southern hemisphere. Viewing is excellent this time, as the Moon is invisible just before the Black Moon of May 5 - 6. .


May 5, Tuesday

In the ancient calendar of Khemit, the "Black Land" that the ancient people of the Nile called their country, this is the Day of the Children of Nut, honoring the direct and indirect offspring of the primordial mother netert (not "goddess"). As Nut was the most ancient of all feminine deities - her name, cognate with neter itself, means "the divine feminine" and the mother of the Sun (Ra), the Moon, called Djehuti (Thoth) and the five "epagomenal" neters Ausar (Osiris), Aset (Isis), Set, Hor (Horus) and Nebt-het (Nephthys), Nut embodies universal feminine fertility, the eternal limitless abundance of the womb (Month of Payni, day 21).


For Roman Catholics and some other Christians, this day is the feast of the Ascension, always reckoned as 40 days after Easter Sunday. On this day Jesus is said to have ascended in glory to Heaven, as shown here by Pietro Perugino. The cherubs are arranged around Jesus in the shape of the vesica piscis, symbolizing the union of spirit and matter in the divine and human natures of the Christ. This year the Ascension rites will be transferred to Sunday June 1.


May 5, Thursday, 9:30pm HT; May 6, Friday, 9:30am

Black Moon conjunct Sun in Taurus. The New Moon that immediately follows this Dark Moon normally favors the prosperity of joint enterprises pursued with tenacity and determination, though this may be overdone with heavy Taurus one-pointedness in pursuit of the primary goal without regard to the finer nuances. This Black Moon, with its tense and fractious T-cross of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, is the first of four remarkable lunations that bring troublesome T-crosses this month, and even more assertive in-your face Grand Crosses next month in the season of screaming, as the arcons turn the volume of the American presidential race as high as it will go, in order the mask the windy, whooshy sound of the house of cards coming down. More in this in The Beltaine Quarter in this month's UFC Mythic Prelude.

May 7 - 9, Saturday  - Monday

The comune of Assisi, Italy stages one of the world's great May festivals, called the Calendimaggio, because kalends were the first days of each month in the ancient Roman calendar. On one level, the Calendimaggio is a gorgeous parade by Assisi residents in 14th and 15th century costumes.


On another, it's a commemoration of the annual spring peacemaking rite in which the Guelf and Ghibelline factions staged a mock battle which, it was hoped, would drain away some of the desire to fight for real in the hot months to come. And, as shown here in this image by Connie Bennett, the Calendimaggio also honors the great god Pan in all his horned, hairy majesty.

May 8, Friday

Theosophists celebrate May 8 as White Lotus Day, commemorating the "promotion" (at 59, during her second Saturn return) of the brilliantly energetic, ferocious and controversial maga, occult medium, traveler and author Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831 - 1891). With Henry Steele Olcott and William Quan Judge, she co-founded the Theosophical Society (1875), and her books Isis Unveiled and The Secret Doctrine were the first to introduce esoteric knowledge from the Hermetic, Vedantic and other traditions to a wide new readership. Thanks to Meg Langford for the tip on this.


May 8, Sunday

This second Sunday in May is observed in the United States as Mothers' Day, one of countless May celebrations of the fecundity of the Mother Goddess. The first Mothers' Day in the USA was created by Julia Ward Howe, whose career was a notable example of how the actual experience of suffering, including the ravages of war, may stir compassion from those people in whom it is, as Buckminster Fuller put it, arousable.


In the middle of 1861, as naive armies marched in romantic color into the American civil war, Howe wrote the poem that would become the famous Union martial anthem The Battle Hymn of the Republic. A few years after the war, disgusted with the misery that self-righteous men can inflict on their peoples, she organized Mothers' Day as a global peace demonstration designed to unite mothers everywhere in affirming the maternal values that nurture and enrich civilization. Mothers' Day has since faded into a commercial holiday, but it has never lost its true activist identity, and has been a focus of women's peace efforts in recent times. In 1982, women were arrested at the Lawrence Livermore Lab, one of the USA's top nuclear weapons research sites, for blocking the gates to the facility and daring to proclaim that life is more precious than profit or power.


May 9, Monday:

In Mayan calendar systems, this day begins the Uinal of Watering, the third of the 20-day uinals in the cycle (2 Imix, Tzolkin 41). This uinal, symbolized by the Falcon, marks the growth of new life after the Uinals of Fire and the Earth at the beginning of the Tzolkin cycle.


May 9 - 13, Monday  - Friday

On May 9, 11 and 13 the ancient Romans celebrate the Lemuria, the annual festival honoring their departed ancestors, the lemures, whose spirits were said to visit the family home on these days.


May 12, Thursday

In the ancient Khemitian (aka "Egyptian") calendar (see 5/5 above), Day of the Purification of all Things (Month of Payni, day 28).


This day is also the birthday of Florence Nightingale (1820).


May 14, Saturday

In the ancient Khemitian calendar (see 5/5), this was observed as the day on which Shu, neter of the air, persuaded his twin sister, the solar netert Tefnut, to return from the land south of Khemit to the country of the Nile. The legend relates that Tefnut was so incensed at the arrogance of Ra, the male principle of the Sun, that she withdrew from her customary role until Shu gained help from the eloquence of Djehuti (Thoth), who induced Tefnut to return. This story is thus the Khemitian version of the universal solar regeneration myth in which the female principle of fire withdraws her light and warmth from the Earth until she is treated with the respect she deserves (Payni, day 30).


May 15, Sunday

In the ancient Roman calendar, this is the Ides of May. This day is sacred to Maia, the Goddess for whom May is named, and also to Vesta, goddess of the hearth and all sacred fires. On this day, Vesta's devotees, the Vestal Virgins, offer prayers in the Goddess's temple to ask the blessing of an abundant supply of water for the coming summer months. The festival of Maia is always observed a week before the entry of the Sun into Gemini, ruled by Maia's son Mercury (Hermes).


Among the Yoruba and Santeria peoples of Africa, 5/15 is the feast of Ochossi, the Orisha of animals, one of the emanations of the one divinity Olodumare.


In most Christian calendars this is Pentecost Sunday, commemorating one of the first recorded trance channeling events in history: the miracle by which the Holy Spirit inspired disciples of Jesus to "speak in tongues," thereby communicating in languages not consciously known to them, to a multitude of listeners from many nations.


Among Christians Pentecost replaced Whitsunday, which was sacred to the Norse goddess Frigg, wife to Odin and honored among ancient Germanic peoples as Queen of Heaven. It was customary on this day to celebrate the power of feminine love by decorating love nests and mazes.


In the southern hemisphere, Pentecost is a late autumn or early winter feast, and has a different quality from the northern festival. As shown here in ﷯Urubamba, Peru at the fiesta of Senor de Torrechayoc -- the Lord of the town is Jesus now, but used to be the creator Wiracocha -- is actually a classic example of how the southern hemisphere does in late May and June the rites that northern peoples do in December.


Like the Japanese On Matsuri -- see Dec. 15 - 18  -- Peruvians stage a ceremony of purification and renewal in which they escort the sacred image from its home to a temporary shrine from which it will return en el octavo, eight days later, in a procession that is anything but solemn. Imagine thousands of masked dancers and clowns costumed as cops, bishops, lawyers and almost everything else that is ripe for a lampoon, and hundreds of devils with suggestive noses, and you get the general idea of Pentecost in South America.


May 15 - 21, one week

In the ancient Khemitian calendar, the month of Epipi, sacred to the protective cobra netert Wadjet, begins with festivals of Het-Heru (Hathor) and Bastet. In contrast to the preceding month of Payni, Epipi is a markedly feminine-centered month which celebrates above all the female forces of latent vitality and continuity in nature; and the critical importance of Truth, embodied by Ma'at, in all universal order. Some of the May events in the dramatic month-long festival cycle that now begins:


5/16  - Feminine neters honored in their temples throughout Khemit (Epipi, day 2). It is now 70 days until the annual Nile flood, usually on July 26.

5/19 - Het-Heru (Hathor) returns to her home in Punt, south and east of Khemit (perhaps present-day Somalia). The Neters mourn her absence. (Epipi, day 5).

5/21 - The Neters sail after Het-Heru (Epipi, day 7). The festival cycle culminates on June 16 with the transcendence of Het-Heru as the star Sothis (Sirius).


May 16, Monday

In the Celtic tree calendar, Hawthorn Month begins. This month is favorable for contact with fairies and other nature spirits.


May 17, Tuesday

This day is the Baha'i feast honoring the Deity as 'Azamat, or Grandeur.


Also the Roman festival of Dea Dia, honoring the goddess in her role as cosmic mother.


May 18, Wednesday

In the Greco-Roman calendar, this day is sacred to Apollo, god of the Sun, of divination, poetry, music and all intellectual activities. Curiously, the Greeks and Romans honor Apollo's opposite at this time too, as 5/18 is also the first day of a week-long feast of Faunus, or Pan, the primeval, riotous God of male sexuality and vitality. The emphasis during this festival is on healthy masculine relationships of brotherhood, parenthood and mentorship.


May 19, Thursday

Celtic and Irish festival of the Sacred Spring, on which wells and springs are adorned with flowers and greenery in honor of the goddess Brigid, who embodies the feminine principle of the latency of new life.


May 19, Thursday, 4:36pm HT; May 20, Friday, 2:36am UT):

Sun enters Gemini, sign of the Twins. The next 30 days, under the influence of Mercury, ruler of Gemini, are especially favorable for learning and studies of all kinds; this is why for many centuries spring final exams have been held in late May and early June in Western countries. This time favors plans and organizations, communications, and all enterprises that are opportunistic and flexible in nature. It also favors partnerships based on equality, which is why so many marriages are made now, most auspiciously on or near the Gemini New Moon, on June 16. See next month’s UFC.


May 21, Saturday, 11:15am HT; 9:15pm UT:

Full Moon in Sagittarius opposite Sun in Gemini. This Full Moon is usually favorable for domestic activities sacred to Juno, and for the setting up of a home -- another reason why marriages occur so often in the Gemini month of late May through June 20.Like this month's Black Moon (May 5 - 6), this Full Moon is powerfully charged, an excellent overture to the three tremendous lunations of late May and June 2016. The same T-cross of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune ris more strongly in effect now, as retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius moves into closer alignment with Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. The Moon-Sun opposition is strengthened too, with Mars in Sagittarius conjunct the Moon. More on all of this in this month's Mythic Prelude.


Tibetan Buddhists celebrate their great feast of Saga Dawa Duchen, the spring festival commemorating the birth, enlightenment and parinirvana of the Buddha. This day is the 15th day of the month of Saga Dawa. Tibetans observe the seventh day of this month (May 23 this year) as the date of the Buddha’s birth, while his birth, enlightenment and passing into parinirvana are all celebrated at the next Full Moon, one of the year’s most auspicious times for pilgrimages.


In the Wiccan calendar, this is the Strong Sun Moon, when the days begin to grow longest and nature's vitality is at its peak.


Buddhists in Thailand and the Theravadin Buddhists of most other East Asian countries celebrate now a brilliant and festive counterpart to what many other Buddhists celebrate on the Full Moon of April 22 (see last month’s UFC) as Visakha Puja, or Buddha Day, commemorating the birth, life and teachings of the Awakened One. Celebration dates vary greatly from one Buddhist community to the other, so it's best to check with the sanghas in your area.


In the Celtic tree calendar, this lunation is Oak Moon, said to be the halfway point of the lunar year that begins in December. On this day awakened and reverent human beings renew commitments to their gods, their guides and the path of their work.


May 22, Sunday:

On this day Mercury goes direct in Taurus. ,  after one of the weirder and bumpier Mercury-retrograde periods in recent memory. The and will remain in this sign until July 8. The  mechanical weirdness, system brownouts, misunderstandings, memory blips, blockages, delays, and every imaginable kind of human bozosis thatwe've endured in the Mercury-ruled areas of transportation, communication, commerce and thievery will begin to clear now, but will not come back at once to normal, whatever that means now. Mercury will finally clearhis retrograde shadow -- that is, return to  the point where his retrograde movement first began, on June 23. He will be happy to get there, and then move into his rulership sign of Gemini, after having been in the slower-tempo Earth sign of Taurus for a very long tour of more than two and a half months.


In the Roman Catholic Calendar, this is Trinity Sunday, which is celebrated eight weeks after Easter. It often falls, as it does this year, near the Triple Goddess spring festival on May 31 - June 2: yet another fascinating example of the ways in which ancient "pagan" feasts transmuted, even if strangely, into Christian counterparts. In this case the festival of three divine women -- Maiden, Mother, Wise Woman -- became a Sunday in honor of an all-male trio of Father, Sun and Holy Spirit


May 23,  Monday:

In the Islamic calendar, the eve of the coming Full Moon in the lunar month of Sha'ban (see next) begins Lailat Al-Bara'ah, also called Nisfu Sha'ban, the night of repentance, when the devout ask forgiveness for all wrongs done in the preceding year. Some Muslims now also observe Shab-e Br'aat, the expected birthday of the Imam Mahdi, the future Islamic Messiah.


May 24,Tuesday

Among the Baha'i community, this is one of the year's holiest days, marking the Declaration of the Bab: the day in 1844 when Ali Muhammed announced that he is the anticipated "Coming One" of all religions. Work is suspended; focus and concentration go within for clearing, forgiveness and atonement.


This day is celebrated in the ancient Mediterranean world as the feast of Hermes Trismegistos ("thrice-great"), derived from the Egyptian neter Djehuti (aka Thoth), and honored as the patron of letters, wisdom, magic, alchemy and other occult sciences. The famous saying "As Above, So Below" is but one of the Hermetic principles attributed to Hermes Trismegistos. 5/24 is perfectly appropriate as his feast because it comes just after the Sun enters Gemini. The communication-related properties of this sign were evident even in very ancient times.


In the ancient Greco-Roman solar calendar, this day is the purification festival of Ambarvalia, so-called because it was customary to circumambulate the fields and pray for the continued blessing of Demeter/Ceres on the growing plants.


Finally on this day, Venus enters Gemini. Though it is not exactly true that in Gemini Venus is more talker than lover -- spending herself in everything from elegant conversation to the silliest gossip, depending on who's playing Venus at the time -- it is true that words from and to her will be persuasive now. She is likelier to enter short, frenetic love unions that are more mouth than heart, though her incomparable power of attraction may diminish now, from a mercurial switching of focus. Until June 17.


May 25, Wednesday

Birthday of Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803), the American pantheistic philosopher who taught the immanence of divinity in humanity and nature.


May 25 - 26, Wednesday  - Thursday

In the Jewish calendar, this is the festive holiday of Lag B'Omer. It celebrates the passing of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, author of the Zohar -- the core teaching of the Kabbalah -- and the day when a plague afflicting the disciples of the sage Rabbi Akiva ended.


May 26, Thursday

In the Roman Catholic calendar, this day is the feast of Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ, honoring the mystery of the Eucharist and, behind it, celebrated universally since very ancient times, the core myth of divinity immanent in the vitality of the grain. Corpus Christi comes 60 days after Easter.


Feast of St. Philip Neri (1516 - 1595), one of the most beloved of all Roman Catholic saints. Philip was said to live in continuous elation and ecstasy, to have performed countless miracles of healing by touch, and to have been able to read the inmost thoughts and destinies of others. One person who encountered him in the street reported that Philip would "leave me so full of joy that I could not tell which way I was going."


May 29, Sunday

For the Baha'i community, this day commemorates the Ascension of the Baha'ullah, founder of the Baha'i faith, who passed over on this day in 1844.


In Mayan calendar systems, this day begins the Uinal of Warriors, the fourth of the 20-day uinals in the cycle (9 Imix, Tzolkin 61). This uinal, symbolized by the Quail, represents the limiting principle of reaction after the three uinals of growth that begin the Tzolkin cycle.


May 30, Monday

In the ancient Khemitian calendar, a 16-day festival cycle in honor of Ma'at, neter of Truth, begins on this day. The image of Ma'at is carried in procession to the temple of Ra in Heliopolis, symbolizing the power of Truth as equal even to the majesty of the Sun (Epipi, day 16). Ceremonies of purification are held now, and prayers are offered to Ma'at and her consort, Lord Djehuti (Thoth), for knowledge and wisdom, in what has been for thousands of years the academic season of completion and graduation.


The United States observes its Memorial Day holiday, honoring the country's war dead and commemorating the sacrifices and the horrors of war, on this day.


May 31 - June 2, three days:

One of the year's three great festivals in honor of the Triple Goddess, marking her transition from virgin to mother. The rites of love that are celebrated now are invocations of abundance and fertility for mothers, and good health for all. (The two other main Triple Goddess rites mark the transition from Mother to Wise Woman around Sept. 31, while the Sun is in Libra, the sign of marriage; and the transition from Wise Woman to Virgin again around Jan. 31, at Imbolc, the great Mid-Winter Festival.)



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