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The Universal Festival Calendar first appeared in July, 1998 as an e-mail newsletter, and has also been published online since May, 2000. It incorporates data from astronomy and astrology, Moon cycles and the sacred days and festivals of many spiritual traditions, in order to identify monthly and annual power points, when human ascension efforts are well aligned with the celestial dynamics of our galactic stage machinery, and the life cycles of Mother Earth. The UFC aims to assist the spiritual evolution of Earth and her people by providing information useful for planning global meditations, ceremonies and gatherings that support the aim of awakening enough human beings to bring about the lifting of human consciousness into higher frequencies of mercy, compassion, wisdom and love.

We welcome and are grateful for suggestions by readers whose ideas have improved the Calendar, and made it more accurate and comprehensive.

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October 2016

Under the Ice

Hail, and welcome to the Universal Festival Calendar for October, 2016, a month so highly charged, so bumping and kicking with the explosive force of change, so lurid with fraud and fear as the Saturn vs. Neptune year of December 2015 to November 2016 comes now to its climax, that there is little or no need to list or comment on the alarming conditions that really are in effect. To say nothing of the other frights, fakeries and phantoms that will flash and slither across the screen of our consciousness now that psychopathic politicians who preen for their cameras, their corporatist controllers who stay well out of sight, and the reptilian archons — both semi-humanoid and extraterrestrial — who in turn operate the players in the tiers below them — are all near panic mode. All of these hegemons are working to burnout in order to stay in power the only way they know how, by relentlessly stoking fear, and thereby keeping the usual uncritical mass of spookable people trapped in the lower emotional band that runs from shame to envy to grief to fear to rage, and that reverts, whenever it’s not caught by celebrity gossip, power scandals, police murders and false flag attacks, to the good old default setting of perpetual, numbing, corrosive worry.

No wonder so many are exhausted, and will soon be falling asleep not only at the wheel, but in the middle of heated arguments and even sporting events. We’ve come to the climax this month of the ongoing 90° square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, and to the extremes that this very afflictive alignment can deliver when human beings are either denial-bound at one end of their belief spectrum, or credulous to the point of promiscuity at the other. This is why two opposite behaviors predominate now:

The SaturnNeptune Showdown

In this corner, in the black trunks, is Saturn, Lord of Time, and paradigm of solid, practical reality and limitation, the earthy weight of responsibility and common sense. Those who are rooting for him are implacably determined not to hoist aboard, even to glance at, anything but what they think they already know, so they will either learn to flex, or they’ll snap from their own rigidity as the stress increases. And it surely will. That’s the whole point of the archons’ depopulation program, elegant in its simplicity, really. Why knock people off with HAARP frequencies, chemtrails, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and dumbdown media, however profitable these inventions have been for the armaments makers, technocrats and feather merchants they’ve kept gainfully employed? Why pull anything as crude and obvious as mass incarceration under martial law, enforced by fascist police who wish they could be the Waffen SS, when so many ironheaded opinionaries can be removed just by amping the pressure until they fall dead from lockdown in the heart?

In the other corner, in the green trunks, is Neptune, Lord of the Sea, who dissolves all boundaries and reconciles all opposites, and rules mystical consciousness, spirituality, intuition, imagination, dreams, empathy and all faculties and perceptions beyond the limits of the intellectual mind. He also rules all arts of fantasy, including theatre and dance. And, as he rules the feet too, it’s no wonder that in this year of Neptune being afflicted by Saturn, so many of us have suffered foot fractures, sprains and infections. Neptune is also, especially when placed in friction to another heavyweight as mighty as Saturn, the artist of fraud and manipulation, addiction, victimhood, weenie tripping, energy vampirism and impossible fantasies pursued to the point of losing everything.

It’s not quite mysterious, then, that 2016 has been an ocean storm of lies, blame, excuses, propaganda, evasion and submergence. It is also only to be expected, as afflicted Neptune in Pisces has been so closely linked for months on end with the two Moon’s Nodes on the Virgo-Pisces axis, that so many love unions and other relationships founder and fall apart as long-hidden secrets and lies are confessed or exposed, and so many injured and disappointed ones take refuge in escapist spirituality, take comfort in pills and the latest Hollywood divorce, the more vindictive the better, and in anything that will distance them in the time, now growing shorter, before they see their own responsibility for unconsciously helping to cause the problem, and for consciously solving it.

Tinfoil Hats and Conspiracies

What could be a better image for this time, then, than the above picture of the notorious racialist and nationalist exclusionary Adolf Hitler, utterly committed to the warped Saturnian notion that in the harsh scheme of Darwinian competition among the races, the German Volk had the right to create the New Man, and ultimately to be the only human strain left on Earth; and another figure who is too short and not nearly blond enough to qualify as Nordic, but must have something the Führer wants, and, if this picture were not in black and white, would perhaps be literally one of those little men, with skin colored a Neptunian green, imagined by those people who’ve believed for a century now that the possibility of life on other worlds is mere charming fantasy, and that anyone who suggests extraterrestrial visitors have been here before, are here now, and are deeply involved in our history and cultures, probably is, or should be, wearing a tinfoil hat.

This popular meme, cited so often by dismissive authorities and nervously glib television comedians that few people have any idea what it means or where it came from, actually turned 90 years old six months ago. It first appeared in April, 1926 in the short story “The Tissue-Culture King,” by Julian  Huxley, about genetic experiments performed by a British scientist named Hascombe on an African tribe ruled by king Mgombe. Hascombe’s science project all starts entertainingly enough with the creation of weird and amusing hybrid animals. But then, when Hascombe goes Frankenstein, and the king’s advisor Bugala smells the power possibilities so keenly that  his inner Stalin awakens, the scenario soon leads to the multiplying of the king’s essence throughout his realm by the replication and grafting of his bodily tissue, the creating of “sacred bodyguards” eight feet tall, and ultimately to an attempt at mind control through mass telepathy.

Hascombe finds a way to insulate himself and his staff from Bugala’s control agenda by creating metallic hats that block the telepathic waves, and ever since then the tinfoil hat has been a symbol of paranoid people who see themselves as targeted individuals threatened  by telepathic espionage or other mind control. So silly, right? Everybody knows that remote viewing is an urban legend, GMO foods and fluoridated water are perfectly safe, and governments and corporations have never used, and never would use, subliminal imagery, microwave auditory effects or other sonic frequencies, electromagnetic pulses or Blue Beam displays to influence any one of us, much less (Sound Effects: laughter, slide whistles, bubbles, bozo horns) — all of us at the same time! If Kurt Vonnegut had ever thought of anything so wildly implausible, he would of course have put it in a story by his hapless alter ego Kilgore Trout, but never in one of his own.

We can safely assume, then, that when the CIA coined the term “conspiracy theorist,” it was aiming to protect us all from whatever fantasies were wild, wacky and weird enough to be socially embarrassing, and not, certainly, to ridicule those who had some sense of what was really going on, and were a threat to tell others about it. We won’t pause to explore this in any depth here. There is more about the history of conspiracies, real and imagined, acknowledged and denied, in “Conspiration Theory,” by now an antique museum piece written for my old Hermes3 site in March, 2009.

Sieg Hi There! — or, Common Ground

And so — as the world in general seems both wired and woozy at the same time, and Americans in particular are a month away from a theatre exercise posing as an election, we find ourselves in a most bizarre position. A  third of our people are in the Neptunian posture of being open to almost everything, another third are Saturnian and not open to anything, and the other third in the middle are fighting to stay awake. Is there a place where we can possibly find common ground? Yes, and it is, of course, in the realm of entertainment.

To grab us at all, it has to be fresh. So excluding cute puppies, lurid sex, frat boy comedies with fart  jokes, sports stories about the high school football team of lovable fuckups who somehow wind up in a game against the New England Patriots, and families with so many kids that the Steve Martin daddy character gets exasperated until he loses it and screams — what two story elements are now such a sure-fire combination that a movie about them can’t miss? What two things fascinate everybody? Nazis and ET’s, of course. The time to put them together in a movie has arrived, and it’s about time.

In Bed with Nazis

Amazing that it hasn’t been done yet — or maybe now it can finally be done openly. Nazis are as American as apple pie and sneakers, and US government and industry have been in bed with the Third Reich, or at least in the same dormitory, for a lifetime now. It’s been common knowledge for decades that the British royal family and key UK financial interests were sympathetic to Nazi racial philosophy and admired Hitler in particular, and that Henry Ford, Averell and E. Roland Harriman, Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush — who gave us George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush — and other American business magnates were collaborating with the Nazis not only before the Second World War, but during it, delivering war materials and  finished products that the Germans used with deadly effect against allied troops.

It even happened that after the war, American companies sued the US government for damages caused by the bombing of their industrial facilities in Germany — and won some of their cases. There is more about all this in Francis Richard Conolly’s video JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick, which presents World War II as an American business enterprise that aimed at using Germany’s modern industrial plant, and the energy of her hard-working people, to destroy Soviet communism and solve England’s perpetual worry about having in central Europe a Germany too strong for anyone’s comfort.

It’s also well – known by now that the famous rocket scientist Wernher von Braun and thousandsof other top Nazis were spirited out of Germany and into the US in a massive talent transfer called Operation Paperclip, which insured that Germany’s best engineering minds would not fall into Russian hands, but would instead help advance  America’s plans for exploring and militarizing our solar system. Another prize catch, relocated safely to South America, was celebrated SS commando Otto Skorzeny, one of those who proved very useful to the young George H. W. Bush in his early work for the Office of Strategic  Services, the forerunner of the CIA. And there is much more, all over the place in black and white and red, for anyone who wants to look for it.

The Fourth Reich

So what has shifted now, in recent years? The push for Disclosure, that’s what, at a time when itgets harder and harder to suppress the truth about extraterrestrial contacts and collaborations that have been happening since the 1930’s. The main question now is which high public official —  Obama, Putin, the Pope, some other major player — is going to have the nerve to reveal what’s been going on, and still does, and the deft balance and timing to weather the backlash. Information proliferates now about Nazi aerospace technologies, Nazi bases on the Moon and in Antarctica, Hitler zipping to Mars and back through an interplanetary wormhole, the works. So a certain discrimination is needed in sifting through the available leads, and choosing the solid, reliable resources. Rather than just give you a list of links, for which I may have to pay a karmic debt by reincarnating as an Adobe tech support worker in Mumbai, I’ll list a few you can search.

Jim Marrs on the Fourth Reich. Corey Goode on the interplanetary slavery program. The Exopolitics website. Dr. Michael Salla, who will give two eagerly-awaited presentations this month on Secret Space Programs in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Waking Times, for whom Lucas Dare’s recent  piece “Former Wall St. Banker Suggests Global Debt May Not Be Owned By Humans” poses the hitherto unthinkable questions: Is the world economy a closed system or an open system? In other words, are the world’s financial elite conducting transactions with off-planet entities, enslaving the human race to unseen actors?

Strong stuff, and not for the impatient and silly. How do we know that something is about to pop? It’s in the movies again. They often reveal clues about the secrets that elite players prefer to keep well hidden. Occasionally the messenger pays the price, as Stanley Kubrick did when he was murdered for opening the curtain a little too far in Eyes Wide Shut. Other films like Vincent Ward’s What Dreams May Come, Terence Malick’s Tree of Life, the Wachowski Brothers’ V for Vendettaand Cloud Atlas do what they can to stretch the parameters of our consciousness. But the one that will likely cause some milling at the multiplex is the Vancouver Film School’s Space Nazis Must Die, now gaining more traction than it did when it was first released in 2012. It can’t miss, with its story of Nazis with steel-rimmed glasses and probably Bach on the Bose invading the Moon in 1942, so that a secret Allied space commando team has to go and fight them. As always, the Nazis are somewhere out there where we want to imagine they are, and trying to break through our defenses and come in, but are not in our beds and our pockets, where we’d rather not admit they already are.

Some of us will rent Space Nazis this month. It may distract us on this momentous weekend from the true news that Deutsche Bank may be about to implode, and the German government may have to intervene to rescue it, and that right at the time the Chinese yuan is about to gain status as a major world exchange currency, the Chinese economy is on the brink of a debt meltdown. October 2, the day after the Libra Black Moon of Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, is also the day after the end of a Grand Shemitah cycle, when a Washing Away of some kind is expected in the world economy and much else.

I’ve posted a video about this Black Moon on YouTube — a link to it is in the first entry in Daily Listings, just below — and will post new lunation videos at the powerful Full Moon of Oct. 16,  the second Black Moon of the month on Oct. 30, and the lunations of November, until the Saturn-Neptune phase of 2015 – 2016 is done. The theme remains the same. No matter how dire it looks, there are always hidden resources waiting to be tapped by those who live in the uniting, strengthening force of love. Those who live in love have nothing to fear, and those who live in fear have everything to fear, so those who’ve been in fear may as well choose love for a change, if only for the sheer novelty and surprise value of it.

There is more about the themes of this UFC prelude in my new book Maps of Power: The Astrocartography of the Great, the Beautiful and the Terrible, which is coming to publication this month. One of the figures in it is Wernher von Braun. The planet lines in his ACG maps show with uncanny precision that he’ll launch deadly weapons from the Baltic coast to strike London; that he’ll achieve success and renown later in the American space program; and that he’ll know far more than he can ever reveal about the “alien card” that the authorities will play to keep us in fear. Hitler’s in the book too, inevitably, as one of the Terribles, along with such famous characters as Gandhi, Lincoln, JFK, Charlie Chaplin, Richard Pryor, Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese, the Clintons, the Dalai Lama and dozens of other political and military leaders, spiritual figures, writers, artists, athletes, saints and workers of misery. Their maps all show where they’ll meet their trials and triumphs, suffer their defeats and brushes with mortality — and how their planet lines draw the sacred contract that each one carried and honored to love and glory, or violated with the darkest consequences.

Maps of Power will be on Amazon Create Space soon. If you’d like to get a notice about it, or the lunation videos or other news and events, you can send a message through Contact Us on this page, or sign up on Aquarian Airlines.

Peace, courage, and let’s keep our throats clear.

Keep Holding That Frequency.


Daily Listings

October 2016

Sept. 30, Friday, 2:12 pm HT; Oct. 1, Saturday, 12:12 am UT:

Dark Moon conjunct Sun in Libra. The ensuing New Moon has often been considered one of the most harmonious and cooperative Moons in the calendar, coming as it does at a time when domestic teams must start to work on getting the harvest in and weighing it – the most obvious function of Libra, the Scales. This Black Moon carries a powerful positive charge, with Jupiter in Libra conjunct  the two great lights, and Saturn in Sagittarius at a strongly creative 60° sextile to the triple conjunction. This is, despite dire predictions of economic calamity, likely to be a time of healthy, necessary financial adjustment rather than the collapse doom pimps fear. Which one we get depends on the quality of our emotional investment. For more on this, see my YouTube video “BlackMoon10116Brussels.”

In the Beth-Luis-Nion Celtic tree calendar used by devotees of the faerie path, the tenth New Moon following the Winter Solstice begins Muir, or vine month. The ceremonies of this month are performed in thanksgiving not only for the grape harvest, but for all fruits of the field that grow on vines.

Oct. 1, Saturday:

In the ancient Greco-Roman calendar, Oct. 1 is the Dionysia, one of the two great annual festivals of Dionysus/Bacchus, god of ecstatic experiences, including wine. This date marks the time of the grape harvest and blessing of the new wine, and celebrates the phase of the god’s youth, as Dionysus goes below the Earth to Elysium and for the next six months becomes Plouton/Pluto, ruler of the underworld, who will be reborn as Dionysus in the spring.

Oct. 1 – 9 (nine days):

In India, the Navaratri festival, also spelled Navratri, gives thanks to the Divine Mother for the abundance of the Earth. The Navaratri is one of India’s most important festivals, celebrated by all the country’s main religious and ethnic groups. This ancient festival is held at the beginning of Autumn; each day a different aspect of the Goddess is invoked and worshiped.

The rites are addressed to Haidakhaneshwari and Durga (left), among others, two of the most primeval Hindu devis, especially to Durga, whose feast of Durga Puja celebrates the Goddess in her martial aspect as queller of demons and protector against evil.  The feast lasts for 9 days, the number of months in a human gestation period, and culminates in the feast of Dussehra on Oct. 10.

Oct. 1, Saturday – 9, Monday (nine days):

One of the world’s most spectacular festivals is held now in Phuket, Thailand for nine days in the ninth lunar month of the East Asian calendar, in honor of the Chinese Nine Emperor Gods. During this “Vegetarian Festival,” abstinence from animal food is the least challenging of the rites of mortification and purification that celebrants perform in trance as the Gods are said to ride them in dances and walking through hot coals, and piercing their bodies with metal skewers and gold adornments that hang from their eyebrows and ears. The priests must keep themselves physically strong, so they’ll b able to hold greatly excited bodies, and bring them safely back out of trance.

Oct. 2, Sunday:

Birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869). As we move from the lobby into the opera house where the Aquarius Overture is underway, we get a program note from Gandhi’s Non-Violence in Peace and War (1948): “A non-violent revolution is not a program of seizure of power. It is a program of transformation of relationships, ending in a peaceful transfer of power.” The transformation of relationships, including our own aims and expectations for them, is everything. It is the essence of the Aquarian opportunity.

In the Muslim calendar, this is the first day of the month of Al, Hijra, and is celebrated as Muharram, New Year’s Day.

Oct. 3, Monday:

In the Khemitian Calendar, Festival of Het-Hor, aka Hathor (month of Hethara,  day 18).

In the six-season calendar of the aboriginal people of Australia, the pre-monsoon storm season of Gunumeleng begins about now. This season of nearly three months, one of the year’s longest, runs until late December.

Oct. 3 (Monday) eve – 4 (Tuesday) eve:

In the Jewish Calendar, the two days of Rosh Hashanah are one of the two solemn yanim noraim, literally Days of Awe, often called the “High Holy Days,” that begin the second great cycle of Jewish festivals after Pesach, or Passover.

Rosh Hashanah, the day of reconsecration and renewal, opens a ten-day atonement cycle culminating in Yom Kippur (Oct. 12 – 13). Other holy days that follow in this sacred season are Sukkoth (Oct. 16 – 23) and Simchat Torah/ Shemini Atzeret (Oct. 23 – 25).

Oct. 4, Tuesday:

On this day devotees of the Yoruba and Santeria religions celebrate the festival of Orunmila, the Orisha of Wisdom and Protection from evil.

In the Roman Catholic calendar, this day is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, founder of the Order of Friars Minor — better known as the Franciscans — and celebrated stigmatic, ascetic, ecologist and animal communicator.

His famous prayer: “Lord, give me the courage to change what I can change, the serenity to accept what I can’t change, and the wisdom always to know the difference.”

Oct. 4, Tuesday to 7, Friday:

Among the Tewa and Pueblo peoples of the American southwest, this day begins the four-day Deer Dance ritual, enacting the cosmic balance of masculine and feminine energies. Timing on this rite may vary. This year it follows the Oct. 3 New Moon.

Oct. 5, Wednesday:

This day honors Bodhidharma, better known to the Japanese as Daruma, the beloved Zen philosopher who taught that Buddhahood is innate in every human being, and can be activated with consistent spiritual practice.

Also on this day, Mahayana Buddhists celebrate the beloved energy of compassion known as Kwan Yin, Kannon, Kwan Sen and Tara, and commemorate the moment at which she became a bodhisattva.

Oct. 5 – 16 (twelve days):

In the ancient Greek lunar calendar, these days which culminate in the Full Moon in Aries — and thus follow the Full Moon of the Eleusinian Mysteries (see Aug. 27 – Sept. 2 in August 2015 UFC) — are the Thesmophoria, commemorating the moment at which Kore, Queen of the Living, deserts her mother Demeter, goddess of the grain, and becomes Persephone, Queen of the Dead, who rules the Underworld with Plouton, the dark form of Dionysus. This is one of the year’s great Goddess festivals, sacred to the female life principle also known as Proserpina, and many other names. She descends into the underworld now to spend the dark half the year as consort of the King of the Dead, then re-emerges in spring to bring warmth and joy back to the Earth. In later antiquity, when the Julian solar calendar comes to supplant the old lunar calendar, this rite is celebrated at the end of the harvest season, in late November.

Oct. 7, Friday:

In the ancient Khemitian (aka ancient Egyptian) Calendar, Feast of Ma’at, neter of Truth (Hethara day 21). For pictures of Ma’at, whose feather headdress symbolizes the lightness of truth, see the Thoth section of my Hermes3 website, especially Ma’at the Merciful. On the same day, by one of the wonderful synchronicities that mark the resonances among ancient calendars, the ancient Athenians celebrate the festival of Pallas Athena, guardian of the city, source of inspiration and goddess of wisdom.

Mercury enters Libra. This is one of this planet’s best placements, favoring teamwork, clear communications and negotiations in which each side can see the other’s interests. The weeks from now to 10/2 are an ideal time for mediation, arbitration and conflict resolution. Until Oct. 24.

Oct. 9, Sunday:

One of the great Celtic and Wiccan festivals of the Triple Goddess, this one marking the mature woman’s transition from Mother to Wise Woman, from the grower of new life to the source of wisdom.

Oct. 9 – 14 (6 days),  Hethara 23 – 28:

In the Khemitian Calendar, the concluding events of the great legend cycle of the Passion of Ausar (“Osiris”) are enacted. At this time the dispute between Set, brother and murderer of Ausar, and Hor (Horus), the falcon-headed solar hero, son of Ausar and Aset (Isis), is submitted for judgment by Ra, Neter of the Sun, after a long and inconclusive combat that has scorched and damaged the body of the Earth. Hor’s case is argued by Djehuti (Thoth), neter of letters and learning; while Set becomes the first personage in history to act as his own advocate, and have a fool for a client. Ra and the other Neters deliberate and announce their decision in three days. The other events:
10/12   Ra awards the fertile Black Land by the Nile to Hor, and the desert Red Land to Set, thereby establishing a dynamic balance between the forces of creation and destruction, light and darkness.

10/14   Festival of the coronation of Hor as Egypt’s spiritual king, who from now on will manifest in the physical kingdom of Egypt in the person of the pharaoh.

Oct. 10, Monday:

The great nine-day Hindu goddess festival cycle of Navaratri (See Oct. 1 – 9) culminates today in the climactic feast of Dussehra.

The Draconids meteor shower peaks tonight. Not among the year’s most celebrated meteor displays in any case, the Draconids are not at their best this year, as the Moon is waxing toward Full on Oct. 16.

Oct. 10, Monday: eve – 11, Tuesday eve:

In the Islamic calendar, this 10th day of the month of Muharram is Ashura (literally “ten”), a day that commemorates the martyrdom of Hoseyn, son of the Prophet’s daughter Fatima, along with 72 of his family members and followers, including his sister Zeinab. This, as Azin Izadifar has kindly explained it, is one of those Muslim holy days that can differ widely in meaning and practice, depending on whether one is on the Sunni or Shia side of the faith. For Sunnis, whose ancestors carried out the bloody deed, this is an auspicious day on which believers fast and do other rites of purification. But for the Shiites, who are Hoseyn’s spiritual descendents, this is a day of mourning on which fasting is strictly forbidden, and some believers bruise and bloody themselves in wild rituals of self-flagellation.

Oct. 12, Wednesday eve to 13, Thursday eve:

In the Jewish Calendar, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, coincides with the Equinox, beginning at sunset on Oct. 12, and continuing until sunset the next day. This is a time of fasting, of righting wrongs committed over the year just past, and of giving and receiving forgiveness.

Oct. 12 – 16 (five days):

In the Zoroastrian tradition, these days celebrate one of the divine emanations of Ahura Mazda: Ameretat, the green force, creator and driver of vegetable energy.

Oct. 13, Thursday:

For Roman Catholics, feast of St. Edward the Confessor, aka King Edward I of England (reigned 1042 – 1066). Edward was known especially for his religious zeal and his kindliness, which moved him to spend hours a day with lepers and beggars who crowded around him for a cure, and got it often enough that “the King’s evil” became the term for the illnesses that the King’s touch sent away. His reign was marked by honest government, protection and service to the oppressed and the poor, civil decency and courtesy. His successor was less interested in the love and good will of his people — and his realm fell to William the Conqueror within months after King Edward’s death.

Oct. 14, Friday:

In the Russian Orthodox Calendar, this day is sacred to  the Blessed Mary as Pokrovskaya, the Godmother with the Shroud, also known as Pokrovitelnitsa, or Protectress, as shown here in her famous apparition in the Church of the Vlakhernae in Constantinople. She is said to have appeared in the air above the congregation here, spreading her veil in a gesture of blessing and protection. The timing of this feast near the end of Libra month is naturally apt, as this sign honors the Mother in her mature role as matron,  and there are resonances that are easy to see with the universal figure of the winged Isis, keeper and revealer of sacred mysteries. In Belarus, this day is celebrated as Mother’s Day.

Oct. 15, Saturday:

In the Roman Catholic Calendar, feast of the stigmata bearer and mystic St. Teresa of Avila. Her spectacular career of self-denial began when she was only seven, and ran away from her home hoping to be martyred by the Moors, who were no longer in Spain, having been forced either to convert or leave the country in 1492 by the same Ferdinand and Isabella who backed Columbus. In her early thirties, having become a Carmelite nun, she had a vision of the place she would occupy in hell if she did not overcome the weaknesses that held her back from complete and perfect devotion. She is portrayed in Bernini’s famous sculpture, at the moment when her heart was pierced by a shaft of divine love.

Also on this day: Makahiki, the Hawaiian New Year Festival, commemorating the emergence from Po (Chaos) of Papa the Earth Mother and Wakea the Sky Father, whose union produced the Akua, the Gods and Goddesses of Hawaii.

0ct. 15, Saturday, 6:23pm HT, Oct. 16, Sunday, 4:23am UT:

Full Moon in Aries, opposite Sun in Libra. There are currents of disharmony in this opposition, as it sets an impulsive female drive for self-assertion and power on a collision course with male resistance to movement or change. At the same time, the Sun-Moon tension and cohesion in the relationships of individual couples is, for the moment, sublimated in the spiritual act of awakening into deeper awareness within a larger community of friends, so all kinds of brainstorming and other co-creativity are greatly favored. The Sun remains “in fall” in Libra until 10/22. This Full Moon has its advantages. The Aries Moon is conjunct with Uranus, while the Libra Sun conjoins Mercury. The more welcome news here, though, is that finally, the baleful and difficult square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, the ruling planetary aspect from December 2015 until now, finally begins to dissolve. See the YouTube video that will be posted about this Full Moon.

The Navajo people of the American Southwest celebrate this Full Moon in a Sing Festival in praise of Estsanatlehi, the “Changing Woman” who brings the cycle of harvest, decay and rebirth.

Over the same four-day period beginning at what astrologers call the Aries Full Moon in Libra Month, the Iroquois Nations celebrate their annual Thanksgiving Festival for the squash harvest.

Among the Zuni, Pueblo and other Native peoples of the American southwest, the Corn Dance Festival honors Mother Earth and the Corn Maidens for an abundant maize harvest. Like the Iroquois Green Corn Ceremony that comes at the time of the Aquarius New Moon in Leo, this rite of the Full Moon in Aries is one of atonement to clear the fields of human fear and ill will, and of prayer and thanksgiving for the gift of grain.

 Oct. 16, Sunday:

This day is the Baha’i feast honoring the Deity as ‘Ilm, Knowledge.

Oct. 16, Sunday – 23, Sunday (one week):

In the Jewish calendar, this is Sukkot, called the festival of booths or the feast of tabernacles because temporary enclosures are erected for this festival of assembly, observed on the 15th day of the month of Tishrei in September – October, to celebrate the autumn harvest and prepare for Shemini Atzeret (Oct. 23) and Simchat Torah (Oct. 24). This is one of the three major festivals called Shalosh regalim because Jews in ancient Judea were required to make a pilgrimage to the temple in Jerusalem.

In the Mayan calendar systems, this day begins the Uinal of Rebirth, the eleventh of the 20-day uinals in the current cycle of the Tzolkin, or 260-day calendar (6 Imix, Tzolkin 201). The symbolic bird for this uinal is the Scarlet Macaw, the energy principle that of flowering.

Oct. 17, Monday:

On this day the Khemitian month of Koiak, sacred to the Lion netert Sekhmet, begins with Sekhmet’s own Feast, celebrating her aspect as protector of the land and people.

In Japan, this day is the Shukaku Matsuri, one of the year’s most important Shinto festivals, offering the first fruits of the rice harvest to the Kami, the divine principles immanent in nature.

Oct. 18, Tuesday:

In the Roman Catholic and some other Christian calendars, the feast of St. Luke the Evangelist.

On this day Venus enters Sagittarius: Unlike Mars, who chafes at his father’s authority when he is in this sign, Venus feels regally at ease and at home. Until Nov. 12.

Oct. 19, Wednesday:

In the Roman Catholic calendar, feast — if it can be called that — of St. Peter of Alcantara (1599 – 1662), a Spanish monk and one of the outstanding athletes of voluntary suffering and privation in Earth history. Peter’s cell is said to have been only 4 1/2 feet long, making it impossible for him to lie down, and he took only one meal every three days. The one indulgence he allowed himself was that in the dead of winter he would leave his door and window wide open, so he might have some slight sensation of warmth on closing them again.

Oct. 20, Thursday:

In the Baha’i calendar, this day is celebrated as the birthday of the Bab, who would declare in 1844 that he was to prepare the way for Baha’u’llah, founder of the Baha’i faith.

Oct. 21, Friday:

The festival of El Cristo Negro, El Nazareno, also called the “Black Christ,” is held on this day in Portobelo, Panama. The festival dates from about 1658, when the town was devastated by plague until the faithful prayed for a sign to show them how to invoke God’s help. A large wooden crate mysteriously surfaced near a fishing boat. Inside was an 8-foot-high statue of Jesus, whom the people dressed in robes of purple, white and gold, and paraded through the streets. The plague lifted at once. Portobelo’s people have never taken much interest in the question of whether the historical Jesus had a darker complexion than Jimmy Swaggart, or may have been descended from Ethiopian Jews. What matters is to venerate El Cristo Negro. The most devout, dressed in penitential purple, walk 53 miles from Panama City, and go the last mile on their knees. As Your Panamaexplains, the ship carrying the heavy statue to another destination “met a terrible storm that drove it back into the harbor. The ship attempted to leave five times, but every time a sudden and unexpected storm endangered the ship and everyone aboard. On the final attempt, the crew jettisoned the crated Black Christ to lessen the weight and save their lives.”

Oct. 22 (Sturday), 1:45pm HT; 11:45pm UT:

Sun enters Scorpio, symbolized in zodiac maps by the easily recognizable Scorpion, but also symbolized in the hermetic tradition by the Eagle, as in the quartet of Bull, Lion, Eagle and Angel (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) that represent the four beasts of Ezekiel, the Christian evangelists, and many others who represent the fixed and secure orientation of human beings in mythic space.

As the Scorpion and its next neighbor on the wheel, the Chiron-like archer Sagittarius, are both designed by nature to deliver their most accurate sting while retreating, the energy of the time favors the protection of the harvest and other efforts that are now nearing completion. The teams normally gather now to complete their work of bringing in the corn, rice and wheat.

In the ancient Babylonian calendar, the Day of Willows, a festival of the lovers sacred to the god Bel and the love goddess Astarte.

Oct. 23, Sunday eve – Oct. 24, Monday eve:

In the Jewish calendar, this day that follows the week-long Sukkot festival cycle is Shemini Atzeret, that is, the Assembly of the Eighth Day. On this day, which has traditionally marked the beginning of the rainy season, a prayer for rain, called tefilat geshem, is offered as a petition for abundant crops.

Oct. 24, Monday eve – Oct. 25, Tuesday eve:

In the Jewish calendar, this is Simchat Torah, day of “Rejoicing in the Law.” On this day, which immediately follows Shemini Atzeret at the end of Sukkot (see previous) a new annual cycle of Torah reading begins with procession of the scrolls, and other rites that include the blessing of children. For some Jews, the revelation of the Torah is the most important event in the history of their faith, and Simchat Torah thus has for them a dignity equal to that of the autumn high holy days of Rosh Hashana (Oct 3 – 4) and Yom Kippur (Oct. 12).

Mercury enters Scorpio, not one of his favorite places, as Mercury’s communicativeness can’t operate at its freest comfort amid the secrecy of the Scorpion, and his Gemini directness and ebullience in communication is muted and controlled within Scorpio’s secretiveness and dread of being seen to have made a mistake.  In mundane terms, this is a time of cautious, obedient media, and extreme security obsession among the powers that be, now that recent fear campaigns have produced enough jittery, weird public persons that the worst- case scenario for American freedom does indeed apply at the end of this year and the top of the next.

Oct. 23 – 26 (four days):

Among the Pueblo peoples of the American Southwest, the annual Tewa Buffalo Dances give thanks for the abundance of the harvest and pray for correct alignment of the people with the four directions and elemental energies. This rite normally comes each year in the days before the Full Moon in Scorpio (see 11/6), though the timing of the Buffalo Dances can vary among the native communities.

Oct. 24, Monday:

In the Mahayana Buddhist calendar, this festival commemorates the sacred moment at which the divine being variously known as Tara, Kwan Yin, Kannon and Kwanzen attained bodhisattvahood, and became the lady of mercy and compassion.

Om Tara, Tu Tare, Ture Soha.

In a wonderful synchronicity, the Roman Catholic calendar honors St. Raphael, the archangel of healing, on this day.

And in another, the Yoruba people of Africa and the Santeria communities of the Americas, celebrate this day in honor of Erinle, the Orisha who ministers to the sick and injured.

Oct. 25, Tuesday:

Lutherans and some other Protestant denominations celebrate this day as Reformation Sunday, commemorating Oct. 31, 1517, the day on which Martin Luther nailed to the door of Wittenberg cathedral the famous 95 theses that would launch the Protestant Reformation.

Oct. 27, Thursday:

Feast of Ausar (“Osiris”) at Abydos, principal temple of the Ausar rite. The neter of vegetation, who drives the plants upward through soil, stump, stone and anything else that is in the way of the Sun, is honored for his gifts of grain and herbs, all leafy life and fruits of the earth and the arts of wise rulership. Ausar waxes in his glory and power now, a few days before he will be eclipsed by his brother Set. See 10/31.

Oct. 27 – 30, four days:

One of the world’s most spectacular and joyous festivals begins today, and climaxes four days from now at the Scorpio Black Moon. Called Diwali in northern India, Deepawali in the south, this lunar New Year is a Feast of Lights so beloved that it is celebrated not only by Hindus, but by Jains, Sikhs and almost everyone else in India. The days are sacred to Vishnu the Preserver and Lakshmi, beneficent goddess of health and increase.

 Also in the Hindu calendar, the pitch darkness of this Dark Moon is also Kali Puja, honoring the Maha Devi, in her severe, purifying form as the energy of death, violent transformation, andrenewal. Her four arms, shown here, hold a trident, a bloody sword, a severed head and a bowl symbolizing the blessings she grants to those who her devotees. Her name means “Time,” and marks the great cycles of the cosmic wheel, including the Kali Yuga, or Dark Time, which now either to its climax before a new cycle begins, or has recently passed into a new Dwapara Yuga and rising trend of consciousness, depending on which expert estimate we accept. While Kali’s feast does not always come in the appropriate slot of the Scorpio Dark Moon, it does so this year and coincides with Diwali, so that the mysterious bond of deep darkness and light is celebrated on the same day.

Oct. 28, Friday:

In the Celtic tree calendar, this day begins the Reed Month, said to be most favorable for communication with ancestral spirits and the strengthening of all family ties.

This is a day of great importance in the mythology of established religion. On this day in 312, the Roman army of Constantinus won the battle of the Milvian bridge, thereby winning the throne of the Augusti for the man who would be called Constantine the Great. It was said that the battle turned in Constantine’s favor when his troops saw in the clouds a fiery white banner with the symbol of the cross, and the words In Hoc Signo Vinces — In this Sign you will Conquer. The rest is controversial, but passes for history. Whether the emperor’s belief was Christian or in Sol Invictus (Unconquered Sun), the religion popular with soldiers, the outcome was that by the end of Constantine’s reign, Christianity had made the leap from a persecuted cult to the state religion of the empire.

Oct. 29 – 31 (three days):

Here, a week after the Sun’s entry into Scorpio, these days have long been celebrated throughout the Celtic zone of Europe as Women’s Merrymaking Days, a time for festivity and rituals of female spirituality.

Oct. 30 (Sunday), 7:39am HT; 5:39pm UT:

Dark Moon conjunct Sun in Scorpio. Nowhere in the zodiac does the Moon go through such a reversal of energy and power as she does while the Sun is in Scorpio. At the Full Moon of Scorpio month (Nov. 14), the Moon is advantageously placed in the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, but at this Black Moon she is in Scorpio, where she is “in fall”, her powers weakened. This is one reason why our emphasis shifts off the emotional plane now to the simple practical business of storing the fuel, getting the harvest in, getting repairs made before the snows come.

This Black Moon is highly advantageous, as the Moon-Sun pair in Scorpio form a triple conjunction with Mercury, and all three are at a favorable 120° trine to Neptune in Pisces, offering us excellent opportunities for getting the mental and verbal dimension of Mercury, and the intuitive, empathetic qualities of Neptune to align with the Moon and Sun — and none too soon, because in November, within days after the Nov. 14 Full Moon, Neptune will link precisely with the Dragon’s Tail, or South Moon’s Node, thereby endangering relationships of all kinds that may or may not withstand the revealing of secrets that are too dark, and withheld for too long. More on this next month.

Jains celebrate this day as Mahavira Nirvana, the day when  Mahavira’s  devout practice of the faith led to his attainment of Nirvana. It’s customary at this feast to recite the  Uttaradhyayan Sutra  the final message that  Mahavira imparted to his disciples.

In the Celtic/Druidic and Wiccan calendars, the New Moon that follows this Dark Moon is called Dead Moon, as it falls in the Scorpio month of death and renewal, and is often close to the festivals of the dead in late October and early November. This New Moon is also called the Falling Leaf Moon.

For the Pueblo, Hopi and Zuni peoples, this New Moon is the Ancestors Festival. Food offerings are placed in lakes, streams and rivers, with prayers of thanksgiving and petition to the waters that bring life and bear away the souls of the departed.

Oct. 31 – 11/3 (four days):

In solar calendars throughout the Northern Hemisphere, this is the mid-autumn festival of the dead, directly opposite the new life rituals of greening, leafing out and renewal celebrated in Beltaine, May Day and other mid-spring festivals that are held now in the southern hemisphere. Among the many rites celebrated now:

Oct. 31 is Hallowe’en, of course.  This is the last day of the Celtic year, on which it is said that the Sun actually enters the gates of Hell, creating an opening wide enough to allow malicious spirits to fly out and create mayhem on the Earth for the next 48 hours. The spirits of the dead are believed to return to their family homes on the night of 10/31, and the annual children’s custom of dressing as ghosts and ghouls and going door to door for treats echoes the ancient practice of placing food and drink offerings near the door to placate wild and hungry spirits that are apt to roam and rumble on this night. The great Celtic rite of Samhain, on the following day, begins the New Year with the feast of the death goddess Cerridwen, whose power waxes now as the Holly King, symbol of the waning sun, grows decrepit with the approach of winter.

Norse festival of the Thin Veil, so named for the belief that on this night, the opaque barrier separating the worlds of the living and the dead became transparent, allowing the two realms to see and interact with each other. This time also marks the annual death of Baldur and his beloved Nanna, the goddess of flowers, both of whom will be born again in the spring.

In the Khemitian calendar, festivals of the sun neter Ra, the cat netert Bastet and the lion-headed netert Sekhmet are all celebrated on this day. The last of these, in her dire aspect as teacher of magic, Lady of Fire and punitive destroyer of evil, is protector of women against rape and all sexual violence, as embodied in Egyptian myth by Set, neter of chaos and destruction, who perpetrates the murder of king Ausar, aka Osiris, on this day (see above 10/27). This feast is the ancient basis of links among Hallowe’en, medicine women and their feline familiars.

This last day of October is also a Goddess festival honoring the art of weaving. “Originally [Hallowe’en] was a celebration honoring our creator goddess. That is why the spider is one of the symbols of Halloween. The Hopis called their creator, Spider Woman.” [Mahala Gayle Flenniken]

Among the ancient Sumerian people, one of the world’s first festivals of light descending into darkness is held now as Inanna, Goddess of Life, enters the underworld to spend the next six months with Ereshkigal, Lord of Death and Rebirth — but on condition that she spend the other six in the green places with her summer lover Dumuzi.

Myths of this Scorpionic death and transformation cycle occur among the Canaanites, Greeks, Japanese and many others.

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